CTV News, Mike Walker, August 25, 2017 – A building boom is starting to take shape in Clearview Township.

MacPherson Builders is opening a sales office next month for a massive residential development.

“Our development is over a thousand units. The first phase will be 69 units,” says Stephanie Fields, a spokesperson.  “Our target demographic is mostly first-time homebuyers. We have bungalow options for retirees. We’re seeing a big trend of people moving outside the GTA and getting a big bang for their buck.”

More than a dozen residential development projects are currently at various stages of planning. Developers are starting to move forward with their big plans after years of sitting idle.

“We’ve had a lot of draft plans on the books and some of them are over 10 years old and they’ve been quiet until now. Now that we have the sewer and water capacity that we need, which is part of the reason we lagged behind other communities the stage is set.”

Developers are planning to build as many as 5,000 homes in Clearview over the next several years.

Stayner is poised to see up to 300 homes built next year alone.

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